This picture story is about an e30 M3 evolution 1 (1990) engine rebuilt, A rebuild from a 2.3 evolution 1 engine to a evolution III engine original BMW engine housing.

 A few differences between a original 2.3 block and a evo 3 2.5 block are:
- Crankshaft
- Engine Bore (normal 93,4) evolution 3 has a 95mm bore
- And the oil squirters, these units will set you back a 300 Euro's each.

  The cylinder wall thickness of both blocks is similar, so this means there are two huge differences the bore 93,4 and 95 and the oilsquirters.


Here some pictures of a comparison of the 2.3 (old type) casting and the 2.5 Evo 3
The difference of a old type and new type casting are the reinforcements made by BMW, the original sport evo already had those, now all castings have this.

After searching and trying, the best and cheapest solution was to drill some holes bigger and make thread in them.
Then I modified the e36 318iS Piston squirters by making a flat back in them, so they won't move around.
The clearance with the connecting rods and the crankshaft is 2 millimeters, original it's not much more clearance.
The head was totally revived and new springs from evo 3 are installed, these are stronger as the stock ones and could cope with the more
aggressive schrick cams.
DR.Schrick cams are added for extra power, with no marks on the them for timing, it was hell of a job to do the timing on them.
We had to make slotted cam wheels to make it work.Finished engine!
Very pleased to see it finished, almost every product was ordered with the local BMW dealer Kessels.
Some parts took very long to arrive and some parts don't exist anymore, so some parts we had to machine or re-use.

Some of the engine specs:
2.5Liter Original Evolution 3 engine block
Schrick cams 278/284
Carbon Airbox
Alpha N Injection system
320iS Exhaust manifold ( 50/50)
Full Groupe N Stainless steel Supersprint race exhaust





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